Complete Idiot'S Guide To Walking For Health

Complete Idiot'S Guide To Walking For Health

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New studies show that walking for an hour a day, five days a week, can cut a person's risk of stroke in half. Walking conditions the heart, improves muscle tone, develops strength, relieves stress and eases various health problems. The Complete Idiot's Guide to Walking for Health "walks" readers through an easy, safe and inexpensive way to fitness, discussing the importance of stretching, what clothes to wear, and where to walk safely. The title also offers programs that readers can coordinate their lives around or fit into a busy schedule. Dozens of Websites, magazines and journals are listed as an in-depth resource. Walking for Health is a guide to creating a fitness program based on walking. Not sauntering, not window-shopping, not strolling, not stopping to smell the flowers--but walking with a brisk, purposeful stride. Personal trainer Erika Peters helps you start a walking program literally one step at a time. She explains the health benefits (both mental and physical) of exercise and gives some all-purpose fitness information: how to measure your fitness level, make a commitment, and set goals. Then she gets into walking specifically, discussing everything you might need to know, from what to wear to how to step for specific purposes. For example, did you know that walking on the beach is more likely to shape your derriere because you're pushing your way out of the sand? Peters explains how to add intensity and variety once you're past beginner stage by adding speed, hills, or intervals. If you have arthritis, diabetes, or a heart problem, she has special tips for you. In case you think you don't have time to walk, Peters shows you how to fit it into your busy lifestyle. Photos illustrate various exercises, such as warm-ups, stretches, fitness tests, and strength exercises. Although most of the book is specifically about walking, she also discusses weight training and weight loss. The style is peppy and friendly. Arm yourself with this book, and you'll run out of excuses not to walk. --Joan Price


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